Turning More Traffic Into Customers

Machine Learning & 1st Party Data Only
(While still increasing scale)


As digital marketers ourselves, we know all too well that your job is not getting any easier. Every 12 to 18 months there is a new wrinkle that demands a rethink on how to meet the never-ending demand for more efficiency and scale.  Now its privacy.

Today, the need to protect privacy in compliance with new regulations at the same moment when we are going to lose cookies, means we’re faced with perhaps the most challenging chapter yet. As you give up cookies, how do you not lose efficiency? How do you continue to be able to scale your campaigns and grow your targeted reach? How do you operate in full compliance when you need to mine your 1st party data only?

We built YieldDay to make your pursuit of more efficiency while building scale, significantly easier. And we set a ridiculously high bar for ourselves, because that’s what is needed.  We knew, for you to benefit, YieldDay had to be a true no-brainer to adopt and to utilize daily.

We knew you need a tool that adds significantly to your ROAS, while still supporting your ability to scale, with ironclad privacy protection, inoculating you from losing ground with the imminent loss of cookies, with simple, lightning-fast adoption, so you can benefit from double-digit efficiency gains quickly, without losing a beat on the huge pile of other important things you are working on.

The result is YieldDay. It’s all of that, and more.


YieldDay, Inc. specializes in responsible AI systems that provide real time, machine-learning predictions to significantly improve marketing campaign performance for Fortune 1000 companies and agencies. We are a privately held, US based martech-centric company offering proprietary technologies that focus on interpreting online consumer behaviors to segment and rank prospects by likelihood to convert or buy.

Our veteran team of digital marketers and marketing technologists leverage their nuanced understanding of consumer behaviors, traffic conversion, and ad delivery best practices to engineer the next generation of marketing efficiency automation tools. We are led by our CEO Rudy De La Garza, Jr. , and Scott Mackley.  Both are digital marketing performance experts with over 20 years of experience directing in-house corporate teams with ever-improving results.


Our team is eager to meet you, learn about your marketing challenges, and answer all of your questions. Please fill out the form on our contact page, hit submit, and we will be in touch soon.


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